About Us

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The Federation for Educational Development is committed to achieve ‘education for all’ and also create awareness about the national ideals of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, and democracy, secularism and socialism. The federation achieves its aims and objectives by involving member NGOs, Trusts, RWAs, Employees’ Union, Educational Institutional Communities, etc., and making them aware so that they continuously work towards achieving them. The federation strives to spread awareness among its members regarding the recommendations of the Sachar Committee and seeks complete implementation of the same all over India. It also involves its members to ensure complete implementation of Urdu as second official language in the state of Delhi. The main focus of the federation is to ensure education for all and for this purpose the federation will guide and inform all its members regarding various schemes and programmes sponsored by the Government of India and foreign agencies. Besides focussing on the thrust area of action, i.e., “education for all”, the federation will encourage and ensure that the organisations work in the area of social activities, eradication of child labour, shelter to the helpless, disabled and orphaned, women empowerment, environmental concerns and physical health, etc.

Results of NGO-IDEAs:

  • Impacts of the NGOs’ activities, especially of the Savings & Credit programmes, are culled out and recognised.
  • Tools and methods for impact Monitoring & Evaluation that are particularly suitable for NGOs and CBOs are identified, refined and applied